The Chronicle of Cait is time for me to talk about my lifestyle, my feelings, and what it's like to be me. It's a regular chronicle of the events taking place in my life. While it probably won't be a huge benefit for the anonymous reader, there are those in my life that I have trouble keeping in touch with. I'm hoping to share more information with that audience should they choose to read it.

I'm failing at making this a monthly ordeal, but here I am again. January was crazy. I feel like I haven't been so busy in a long time. At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to myself to move closer to family and friends. I wanted that to happen this year, but after a long number of discussions with my boyfriend and other people, we're setting a tentative date of moving next summer. More on that later. Let's get started with the update.

Caring for the Children

I had known for a while that Riley needed dental prophylaxis. Prophylaxis is a fancy word for teeth cleaning. Conner probably needs a treatment too. However, they're cats and in researching prices at the time I was given estimates in the range of six hundred to one thousand dollars. Not great. As time went on, and Riley's third birthday approached I could tell he was suffering a bit. He didn't like having his mouth touched and he had really bad breath. It got to the point that it appeared that gum disease was affecting his ability to breathe properly. So, I took him to the vet for treatment and was quoted a full mouth extraction at the price tag of three thousand dollars. Ridiculous, right? Anyway, according to my vet, whom I no longer visit, he needed to have all his teeth removed in order to clear up the gum disease, but I really couldn't afford to pay the cost they were asking.

Some of you might know I panicked heavily over this. I was very worked up that I might have to put my cat down because I couldn't pay to treat his teeth. It was very distressing, but I'm glad I managed to talk to folks about it because a few individuals (you know who you are, and thank you) talked me into visiting another vet. Duh, Cait. Fortunately, it worked out. I managed to find another vet who thought the original estimate I had was insane too. They made an estimate for the same work around eight hundred dollars, which is a huge difference. I gratefully accepted their estimate and scheduled the treatment for the beginning of the year.

The surgery itself went well. Riley bounced back almost immediately. I really thought he might be in pain longer, but I think by the second or third day after surgery he was moving around happy as a clam. Although, I think the pain killers were a big help with his mood too. We kept Riley and Conner separate during the recovery period because I didn't want one really drugged up cat, Riley, being around my other hyperactive cat, Conner. This turned out to be a mistake on my part, I think.

Riley and Conner experienced something vets call Feline Non-recognition Aggression. Basically, they would fight, hair would fly, there'd be hissing and growling - not pleasant. All because Riley had been at the vet for a few hours and kept in a room away from Conner for a few days. The worst part was, this went on for almost two full weeks after surgery. Meaning that during that time, my cats were under constant surveillance or locked up in separate rooms. While it was necessary, it wasn't ideal for my boyfriend and me. We took turns staying home during work hours in order to give them time to get to know one another again. We were about ready to pull our hair out when this happened.

OMG after two weeks. Finally acting like bros!

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As you can see, they cuddled up together on their own and started cleaning each other as they had in the past. I didn't prompt them to do this. They did it of their own volition and ever since have been fine. Just like that, back to normal. Crazy kids.

Planning to Move & Home Improvement

Adding to the stress in my life this past month, I officially decided to move. I've been putting off the effort for a couple of years now, coming up with new reasons each time as to why now isn't right for my boyfriend and me. However, I've now decided to commit to moving. I wanted to move this summer, but my boyfriend convinced me otherwise, so we decided to set a target date for next summer. Meaning that until then, we really need to work hard at getting the house ready for sale. We have all of this year to get as much as we can prepared to move.

Since we both have loads of crap laying around the house, we're going to focus on packing up and getting rid of things this spring. I'm hoping we can have a yard sale. After that, anything else we aren't using will be boxed up and placed into storage. I'm hoping this offloads a large majority of our stuff.

With that all put away, we'll paint the house and take care of some larger maintenance items, then look towards having the house appraised. We've already done a number of home improvements, like new fixtures and an under-the-sink water filter. I'm hoping these investments pay off, but who knows. We also bought a garage door opener - something I've been meaning to do since the first day I moved into the house.

The only problem we have so far is that we don't really know where we're going to move yet. I've been mulling over the idea of moving into an apartment somewhere for a year or so, then decide whether or not it makes sense to find a new house to buy. My boyfriend isn't sure either. We can't really move until we know where it is we're moving to, but what I can say for sure is that it will be somewhere near Philadelphia.

Job Nonsense

The merger I announced in the last chronicle is now complete. Our new overlords are establishing their dominance. So far, they've decided to keep me employed, bless them. Others weren't so lucky. Who knows? Maybe in a few months I won't be so lucky either.

In any case, it's been real quiet at work lately. Most of us are trying to keep busy, because leadership has all but stopped providing us peons direction. This is mostly because our overloads are still trying to figure out what the heck it is we've been working on, or so the rumor goes.

There's been loads of paperwork too. Apparently, they don't believe we're U.S. Citzens because they had us fill out I-9's. I'm a little tiffed about it, to be honest, because the HR representative decided we needed to have copies of our documentation made. This is all well and good, but I don't yet trust this new management and I know our records aren't that restricted. I'd really prefer to not have an identity fraud problem on my hands in the future. Anyway, I'm waiting to provide them with my birth certificate, a document which is illegal to copy.

Other than that, I've been reassigned to the team I was helping out temporarily. Just as soon than that happened, the team manager announced they were resigning their post. Lovely. So, the direction of the team is about to shift dramatically. Yet another change to get used to.

Now for my passive aggressive moment - if you think I sound annoyed about the whole ordeal, I'm really not as bothered about it as I could be. It's kind of like trying to paint something on a canvas only to have the wind knock it over multiple times because it wasn't secured properly. I guess what matters is the end result. If the painting is shit, because it fell, was it worth the hassle of painting it in the first place? What if the painting turns out all right? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, It's really easy to be impatient right now and I'm trying not to let it get to me. However, I'm not a fool. I'm keeping all options open, just in case.

Fun and Games

I think most people know that I play video games fairly often, but did you know that I also enjoy tabletop games as well? Usually monthly, some friends and I get together to play Dungeons and Dragons. We've been playing lately in the third edition with characters about to reach level twenty, which is kind of a big deal in D&D terms. Here's a shot from our most recent play session. We were busy fighting off some Death Knights in order to find a legendary spear fragment. I'm the gray guy near one of the top red ninjas.

The Death Knight and his minions

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So yeah, pretty cool - for some of you D&D nerds, I've been playing a fighter who focused on axes and charging at enemies. The character is something I inherited when I joined the group I play with. Lately, I've been thinking of asking the dungeon master to allow me to make some changes to my character , something the DM suggested to me earlier, and lean towards the Warlord class. Warlords seem pretty cool though. Instead of charging at foes, I'll be yelling at my friends. That's a plus for me!

Other Interesting Crap

That wraps up this edition of The Chronicle of Cait. Please come back next month for more details about my on-goings. Until then, please enjoy some other interesting crap about me.