Here's a list of tags used to categorize articles. It might help you find something you're looking for.

  • The Chronicle of Cait - The Chronicle of Cait is a collection of first-person, serial narratives about Cait's life. It's time for her to talk about her lifestyle, her feelings, and what it's like to be her.
  • Gender - A collection of articles discussing topics related to gender expression, identity, and roles. These articles may also include topics like non-binary and intersex representation.
  • Mental Health - A collection of personal stories about the struggle to maintain one's mental health. Please be advised they contain sensitive discussions about depression, sobriety, self-harm, suicide, and anxiety.
  • Nerdy Hobbies - A collection of articles about really nerdy or geeky things - often about computers, video games, or electronics. May also include various nuanced, niche hobbies like canning and home brewing.
  • No Bullshit Recipes - A collection of No Bullshit Recipes. No Bullshit Recipes are your source for blog-style recipes without the boring life story. Please enjoy.
  • Playlists - An online collection of music playlists created for apps like Spotify, YouTube, or Google Play.
  • Sexuality - A collection of articles discussing topics related to human sexuality. These articles explore love, relationships, LGBT issues, self-care, and polyamory often from a first-person perspective.
  • You Should Play - A collection of persuasive, long-form articles where the authors argue why you should play the video games they're recommending. All articles include vivid pictures and thoughtful criticism.