I feel like I'm saying this a lot lately, but life is pretty strange! A few months ago it looked like I'd be moving to Philadelphia. And before that, I had been searching for a new job. Now, in a totally unexpected turn of events, I'm engaged!

If you happened to read my last chronicle, you ought to know that I've met someone new. This someone new, my now fiancee, decided to visit me at New Year's and we had a great time. Eventually, for the sake of my own sanity, I decided to schedule my own visit to see her in Canada, and while I was there she proposed to me and I said, "Yes".

It might feel pretty sudden to most, but what I can say is that since New Year's I've been giving considerable thought towards the life I want to live. Longer in fact, if you consider my reawakening after coming out of depression. What's really important to me is that I really, really love her. In order to be with her, this means I have to uproot everything. As frightening as that might be, I know down deep in my heart that being close to her for the rest of my life is what I want.

We talked at length before getting engaged about what we wanted. We both have our own desires which I don't need to get into here, but what I can say is that this wasn't some rash decision for either of us. We both feel like we're making the right choices for us.

Still, I imagine for some of you this might be shocking. On the other hand, I imagine that there are also those of you who understand my perspective and aren't surprised by my decisions. I would encourage you all to talk to me about it. I hope I can spread better light on the matter and perhaps make something as wild as getting engaged internationally seem so less complex. More importantly, I just wish to share my love and admiration of my soon-to-be wife with anyone who'll listen. I hope you take the opportunity to get to know both of us.

Some quick details.

  • We met online (as friends) in August 2017.
  • We later met in person on December 29th, 2017.
  • We got engaged on January 27th, 2018.
  • Our expected wedding date is March 21st, 2018.
  • Since I think we have most things planned out at this point I'll say that this should be a pretty quiet wedding with ten guests (who know who they are).
  • At some point in the future, we hope to have a larger ceremony with as many guests as we can have.
  • My fiancee proposed to me with a cryptogram. First, I found the key hidden in my laptop, which lead to a search through my luggage for the cryptogram itself, and finally the decoded message was in French which I had to translate. I love that she made a scavenger hunt out of the experience.