This is a brief post to update on my life. I have a larger post in the works chronicling most of October and some of September. Life has been hard lately. I've been fighting some pretty severe depression lately. Today has been one of my better days.

Depression is just so miserable at times. I feel like I just fall out of my life and can't find any escape. It's something that's caused me harm in more than one way. At least I have therapy and a good therapist. It can be really challenging some days when I don't feel like myself.

Most of my depression revolves around the condition of my life. I've felt trapped by my surroundings for some time, a few months maybe and perhaps now it's started to take its toll on me. Who knows? In any case, I wanted to let you know that I'm alive, but maybe not well.

I'll come back soon and give a more detailed post of some the things that happened in October. I think it'll be exciting to see what I've been up to amidst these issues. Until then, I hope you're doing well and I'll see you soon. Oh! And Happy Halloween!